Monday, April 13, 2015

M is for Magical Machete

Skreeayt the Third Blade

This bronze-bladed machete has little in the way of a grip, just twine wrapped around the tang and tied. The tang under the grip appears to be carved with hieroglyphics (identifiable as the ancient Noga language of the northern Moonsea) which roughly translate as:
"Thirdly, I know that there is someone pursuing me--Death--whom I cannot escape from, so I have prepared myself to meet him."
The name comes from the first word "Thirdly" (Skreeayt)--purely by coincidence, Skreeayt is also a kobold given name meaning "flat-headed".

This weapon has been handed down for several generations among the champions of the Red Hand kobold tribe. Despite its apparently crude construction, it is surprisingly sturdy, resistant to nicks, and holds an edge well.

Skreeayt functions as a +2 magical weapon for determining what creatures can be hit with it, but gains no bonus on attack or damage rolls. The wielder gains a +2 bonus on saving throws against Death Magic and Fear effects, and a +2 bonus on Surprise rolls as long as Skreeayt is held in hand.

No grip, haft, or pommel will remain on this blade for long, and the users must constantly re-wrap the thing or else hold it directly by the tang. On any attack roll of natural 1, the grip slides off, tears, or crumbles in the wielder's hands, causing him to drop Skreeayt. Any attempt to disarm Skreeayt gains a +4 bonus on the attack roll.

Any Mystic of Nog holding Skreeyat can wield the weapon as if proficient with it. A Mystic holding Skreeayt by its unbound tang cannot be disarmed of the weapon by any means save his own desire (he ignores the penalty above, obviously).