Sunday, April 12, 2015

L is for The Moon and Stars

A couple of magic items today...

Lunar Brooch

An ornately carved silver brooch, bearing the likeness of a crescent moon with upturned horns. If worn by a spellcaster, it bestows additional power to any spell cast which conjures light (such as a light, dancing lights, or continual flame spell). The light from these spells causes all lycanthropes in the area of the light to assume animal form (no saving throw). They remain as animals until they leave the lighted area. The lunar brooch operates continuously while worn.

This particular brooch was discovered in the ruins of the Noga city of Dekon Thar. In addition to the powers described above, it serves as a key to the "Moon Steps" a ruined monolith in the north-west of the city. Despite their ruined and collapsed state, the Moon Steps mark the physical location of a terminus of the "Infinite Staircase", a major route through the various planes of existence. The staircase is normally accessible from this location only for one hour preceding and following midnight on the night of a full moon. Anyone wearing the Lunar Brooch, however, can both see and ascend the staircase at any time, day or night.

Licata, The Flail of Stars

"Licata" is a light-weight spiked steel flail, with an inlaid abalone shell handle. The chain is four-to-one linked, for exceptional strength and thirty-three inches long, ending in a five-inch diameter spiked dodecahedron head with 19 individual spikes. The tabled abalone shell handle ends in a steel pommel-spike for close-quarters work. This ornate, custom-designed weapon was found discarded on the field of battle outside Kryptgarten. It is unknown who it belonged to, but the original wielder is presumed dead, as no sane, living person would part with such an exquisite weapon.

Licata functions as a +1 magical flail, but deals piercing, rather than bludgeoning damage. The wielder may use a bonus action once per round to attack with the pommel-spike, dealing damage as a dagger (with the +1 bonus). In addition, as a bonus action, after making an attack action, the wielder can cause Licata to emit a stream of dancing lights (as the spell) by speaking the flail's name aloud. These lights take the form of spikey, glowing stars, trailing from the flail's head. This effect can be used once, after which it requires a short or long rest to recharge.