Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Playing by (e)Mail Update 2

My AD&D 2nd Edition Play by Email game continues apace, and is almost as long as The Fellowship of the Ring. Here are some additional details about the player characters (and who is involved), updated statistics (because I like numbers), and collated links to the story (for those that care to read it all without clicking "previous post" 50 times).

Just a note: Due to the flexible nature of this format, new players are always welcome. Feel free to contact me if you want to join in.

Note on Languages: Languages other than the ubiquitous "Common" are often handled by the players translating their conversations into other real-world languages using Google Translate. If you have trouble following conversations where he is involved, you can use Google Translate to back-port the languages to English. Most of this centers on the character Hrud, who does not speak Common. Most of his conversations should be translated from "Javanese", unless he is talking to a dwarf, in which case use "Danish". The players inform me that strange syntax and miss-translations are intentional.

The Party: (organized by Players)
Former Party Members:
  • Alan Knightly:
    • Gendry (A minotaur pirate...stabbed in the back by an NPC "ally").
  • Sheryl:
    • Donovan (A former herald for the local government, the party's organizer and father-figure...crushed under a falling balcony).
  • Roger Brasslett
    • Bo (A dwarven artisan who we never learned much about).
  • Mike Pruett:
    • Shaddup (Annoying gnomish craftsman).

The Story So Far:

Now some statistics, mostly for my own benefit:
  • First game post: 08/06/2013 (corrected from previous post)
  • Runtime to date: 83 weeks
  • In-game time elapsed:  11 days
  • Total posts to date: 2927
  • Average posts per week: 35.3
  • Total Words:  177,272
  • Combat Encounters: 17
  • Average combat duration: 3 rounds or 25 posts
  • Average Party Level:  2nd...