Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Where most of my writing happens

Anyone who looks at this may have noticed that I have never been particularly consistent in posting to this blog. The biggest reason for the lack of content here, is, without question, the existence of Obsidian Portal. I am nearing my four-year anniversary of using the site to document my games and I could not recommend it enough...assuming that is, that you are an OCD GM who likes wiki formatting, if that is not you, then well...whatever.

To date, I have built nine different campaigns using OP, with varying levels of detail.

Here is how I mentally lump all of these:

  1. Ruins of Adventure is my home-brewed AD&D 2nd Edition Forgotten Realms hack. Most play has happened via play-by-mail or G+. It has been a lot of fun for all involved. I expect to keep it running for a very long time and additional games in the same setting would only add to the fun. If you want to jump in (in any format), let me know.
  2. Return to Castle Greyhawk and The Shattering of Darkmoon Veil were both short-lived campaigns using hacked-up takes on pre-generated adventures. They were fun but ended due to IRL events (kids coming), and are games that I should probably resurrect. If you are interested in playing either of these games (in any format--pbm, pbp, G+, face-to-face), leave a comment and we'll try to make something happen.
  3. Reins of Darkness, It Takes a Village, and The Scavenger Gods are all experiments in collaborative world-building/campaign-building. Basically attempts to get my players more involved in the game than just as single characters. To everyone who played in these, thanks, but I think I'm done. They were all fun, but I got burned out on the chaos, and I think I'll stick to running campaigns where I take more creative control. 
  4. Homeschool RennaisanceThe World of Tel-Avi, and Peasant's Quest are dumping grounds for a couple of D&D hacks I have been writing for some time. Bits of them have been played out in all of the above, but these are not active campaigns. If I were ever to publish something, it would be from these. (Sorry, they are not set to public right now).
Anyways, Obsidian Portal is were most of my time is spent: writing, planning, rules mangling, and idea dumping. If you are really bored want to read more of my games, gaming thoughts, past adventures, and ideas, have at it. You should also expect more content from OP to be making its way onto this blog in the future.

Reminder that none of these campaigns were written in a vacuum. If you are a serious RPG blogger, chances are you'll see an idea of yours hiding in those somewhere--you might even see whole articles ripped for rules. If you are one of these, you have my and my players thanks.