Monday, August 11, 2014

RPGaDay (Compressed)

Over on G+, people have been flooding my feed with posts related to #RPGaDay. I do not begrudge them their posts, and the idea is certainly a good one, but it does make finding longer more interesting posts hard...not to mention the noise created by all the 5eConsultantGate nonsense (to which I love Zak's latest response).

So, to answer the many floating questions, while also being feed-friendly to G+ users, here are all of my #RPGaDay answers compiled in a single list (which you are free to ignore).

  • First played: AD&D
  • First GMed: AD&D 2nd Edition
  • First purchase: AD&D 2nd Edition Complete Rangers Handbook
  • Recent purchase: No Salvation for Witches
  • Most old school owned: OD&D LBBs
  • Most "intellectual" owned: Strangely enough, I have to say Vornheim.
  • Favorite character: Ourevel Ahashtyn (elf/demon/undead hybrid avatar of Love in a very over-the-top D&D 3e game) 
  • Favorite die/dice: These ones...


  • Favorite tie-in novel/game fiction: The Cleric Quintet by R.A. Salvatore
  • Weirdest owned: All of it? None of it? What qualified as weird in this hobby really?
  • Old RPG I still play/read: All of them (when I can find players).
  • Most memorable character death: I've had so many that I actually can't remember any of them...
  • Best con purchase: I have never bought anything at a Con.
  • Favorite con game: D&D (any flavor)
  • Game I wished I owned: I stopped caring about "owning" games a long time ago. I only collect PDFs and if I want something I can usually find it for free somewhere within a matter of minutes.
  • Funniest game I've played: Every game has its funny moments (depending on the players). I can't think of any system that is inherently funnier than any other.
  • Favorite game system: My home-brewed take on AD&D 2nd Edition
  • Favorite published adventure: Paizo's Shackled City
  • Will still play in 20 years time: DEFINITELY!
  • Favorite licensed RPG: A Game of Thrones d20 by Guardians of Order
  • Best second hand purchase: AD&D Unearthed Arcana (It gets pulled out in every game I play)
  • Coolest looking book: Vornheim
  • Most complicated: "Reins of Darkness" (a homebrew experiment which involved allowing the players to bring any books they wanted from any game and trying to create a campaign from the conglomeration)
  • Favorite no one else wants to play: Mouse Guard
  • Coolest character sheet: I don't really like character sheets. Any sheet of paper/spreadsheet/wiki page is fine with me.
  • Game I would like to see a new edition of: I'm pretty happy with the editions that are out there. If I think something needs changing, I do that myself.
  • Scariest game I've played: I'm immune to fear (literally), so this question makes no sense. Maybe sometime I will get around to writing about how broken my brain is.
  • Most memorable encounter: Like deaths, I've had so many I can't remember most of them. Of recent (and therefore memorable) encounters, the best was probably when my character in our ongoing Chinese campaign walked through the gates of hell and confessed all of his sins to the Yama King, condemning the entire party to an eternity of torture. (At least, that is the encounter that the GM and the other players keep talking about months later and holding up as some kind of supreme coup of a player taking over the campaign).
  • Rarest owned: See above notes on ownership (or lack thereof).
  • Favorite of all time: D&D (any flavor)