Friday, July 11, 2014

Playing by (e)Mail: Update

My AD&D 2nd Edition Play by Email game continues apace, and has reached the length of a good-sized novel. Here are some additional details about the player characters (and who is involved), updated statistics (because I like numbers), and collated links to the story (for those that care to read it all without clicking "previous post" 50 times).

Just a note: Due to the flexible nature of this format, new players are always welcome. Feel free to contact me if you want to join in.

The Party: (organized by Players)

The Story So Far:

Now some statistics, mostly for my own benefit:
  • First game post: 08/06/2013 (corrected from previous post)
  • Runtime to date: 48 weeks
  • In-game time elapsed:  5 days
  • Total posts to date: 2289
  • Average posts per week: 47.4
  • Total Words:  129,610
  • Combat Encounters: 10
  • % Combat Encounters Involving Orcs: 40%
  • Average combat duration: 3 rounds or 25 posts
  • Average Party Level:  Still 1st level