Tuesday, May 28, 2013

A Business Idea...Sort Of

So, I'm starting a new life today...new job, new location, new travel complications...and figured I might as well re-purpose this blog and see if I can keep it going for any reasonable amount of time...

So, to start off, I have a strange business idea for any schemers out there with too much time on their hands:

The Requirements:
  1. You must be good at interviewing.
  2. You need to be able to speak geek (even better if you can actually code).
  3. You must be very good at maintaining a false identity (but not for too long) and staying in character.
  4. You need to be good at compartmentalizing and multi-tasking.
  5. You need to be mobile.
The Premise:

I started a new job today, at a software start-up. Their HR people followed the normal forms (requiring back-ground checks, drug tests, NDA, etc.), BUT rather than having all this pre-interview, they said "we'll deal with that on day 1". 

So, I showed up on "day 1" and was handed a laptop.

Software startups tend to keep a tight grip on their cash, but not when it comes to hardware. New employees at a software company tend to get very nice computers, and usually very quickly (they want you to jump in).

At this point, I am typing on a very nice new laptop, and have not yet signed or peed in anything (except my employment agreement -- the former, not the latter). They don't have anything with my SSN, Drivers License #, or any other identity-verifying documentation on it. And they've already bought me a couple meals and a free hotel stay (as part of the interview process).

The Idea:

If I were a minor con-man, I could, at this point, just walk out of here with a decent laptop (a $1200 value, but would need to be re-imaged), a new case (still has the tags on it), and as many portable office supplies (and free food/drinks -- this is a software company after all) as can fit in the bag.

Assuming you were able to bill yourself as having marketable skills and could find 3-4 such companies per month looking for a quick hire, you could make a decent living selling used/black-market hardware.

Obviously, I'm just happy to have a job...and don't really have the entrepreneurial spirit for this...but if there is anyone out there looking for a new con...I'm sure there are plenty of willing targets.


As someone who has had to run both business interviewing and swindler/con-man scenarios in an RPG, this could make for a pretty interesting setup for a one-off modern RPG campaign.