Friday, April 15, 2016

Goat Style

So, when not exercising my mind by hacking computers or playing D&D, my two favorite ways of staying in shape physically are Farming and Kung Fu. While it has been a long time since I've studied martial arts formally, I do still practice as often as I can. Most recently I've been working on the Feng Mo Gun ("mad demon staff") forms (it looks like this when done right). 

Sometimes though, especially recently, the Farming decides to get involved in my Kung Fu practice...most specifically my two goats. So, while practicing the other day, I found myself fending off a pair of excited, leaping, head-butting goats goats with a staff. And while doing this, and watching the goats, with in their crazy acrobatic head-butting competition, I had an idea...

Goat Style Kung Fu?
Yeah, that is not a thing that exists... 

There are many animal styles, but definitely not "Goat". The closest thing to Goat in Kung Fu is the "Yee Jee Kim Yeung Ma" (alternately called the Goat Clamping, Goat Restraining, or Goat Riding Stance) in Wing Chun. An inward adduction stance (as opposed to a natural adduction stance like the more typical horse stance) which looks like this:
Holding the goat with your knees...
But this post is not a Kung Fu lesson...this post is about blending everything I do together. So, on short notice and with only minimal thought or work put into it, here is a crazy thing that I thought up while wrangling goats with a staff in the middle of my practice session...

The Pathfinder RPG has a ton of combat styles (grouped feats that build up to a unique fighting style). So, here is a new combat style for Pathfinder, which starts at fending off goats with a stick and ends with emulating their crazy leaping headbutts...

Goat Herding Style [Combat, Style]
Like the shepherds, you have studied the movements of some of the greatest natural climbers in the animal kingdom, and have learned to plant your staff like a third leg.
Prerequisites: Tripping Staff, Acrobatics 3 ranks, Handle Animal 3 ranks
Benefit: While using this style you gain a +2 bonus on Climb skill checks, a +2 bonus to your Combat Maneuver Defense against Trip or Bull Rush attempts, and a +2 bonus on Reposition combat maneuver attempts.

Goat’s Sudden Leap [Combat, Style]
Like the goat, you use your uncanny surefootedness to catch your foes off-guard.
Prerequisites: Goat Herding Style, Thick Skull, Acrobatics 5 ranks
Benefit: While using Goat Herding Style, when an opponent attempts a Trip or Bull Rush combat maneuver against you, you can make an Acrobatics check as an immediate action, with a DC equal to the results of their combat maneuver check. If your Acrobatics check succeeds, your opponent’s combat maneuver is negated and you can make an immediate Headbutt attack against the initiating foe (as per the Thick Skull feat). If your Acrobatics check fails, your foe’s combat maneuver automatically succeeds.

Twisting Goat Charge [Combat, Style]
Like a goat, you can end your charge with a twisting, mid-air headbutt, shoving your foe in an unexpected direction.
Prerequisites: Goat’s Sudden Leap, Improved Reposition, Acrobatics 7 ranks
Benefit: When using Goat Herding Style and making a charge attack while armed with a quarterstaff, if your charge attack hits, you can immediately attempt a free Reposition combat maneuver against your target. If your combat maneuver succeeds, you also deal Headbutt damage to your foe and may end your charge in any space adjacent to your foe’s new position.

Other complimentary feats for a Mad-Goat-Staff fighter: Quarterstaff MasterTripping Twirl, Tactical Reposition, and Extremely Thick Skull.

Have fun...