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One Character, Nine Systems: Part 3

Last week, I proposed an experiment of generating the same character in nine different editions/variations of the D&D game. In the first post we introduced Junco Eliade, now it's time to give him some crunch. In this iteration we'll use:

AD&D "1st-edition"
For this exercise we will define the scope of Advanced Dungeons and Dragons as the Player's Handbook, Dungeon Master's Guide, Dungoneer's Survival Guide, Wilderness Survival Guide, and Unearthed Arcana (and obviously Monster Manual, Monster Manual II, and Fiend Folio, but they are less relevant to the task).

Race: Dwarf
Class: Cleric / Fighter
While the Player's Handbook restricts Dwarves to Fighters, Thieves, Assassins, and multi-class Fighter/Thieves, this is contradicted in other sources. The Monster Manual specifically lists Fighter/Cleric as an option, and Unearthed Arcana specifically allows Dwarves to be clerics up to 7th level (or higher with exceptional ability scores). Unearthed Arcana specifically lists Fighter/Cleric as available to gray dwarves, and mentions a hill-dwarf Fighter/Cleric as the example when discussing level limits for multi-class characters.

Level: 3rd
Minimum XP: 8000 (split evenly between to 2 classes or 4000 each)
Alignment:  Lawful Neutral
Hit Dice: ((3d10+6) + (3d8+6))/2
Average Hit Points:  21
AD&D better defines the rules for multi-class hit dice than OD&D. Hit dice from each class are rolled (including Constitution modifiers) and summed, then divided by the number of classes. The increased die types, along with a racial Consitution bonus, gives a much higher average hit points at 3rd level.
  • Str: 9
  • Dex: 16  -- +1 to reactions and missile attacks, -2 bonus to AC
  • Con: 16 -- +2 hit points per die
  • Int: 16 -- 5 additional languages (but see below)
  • Wis: 11 -- 10% chance of spell failure
  • Cha: 7 -- -10% loyalty, -5% reactions
AD&D introduces racial ability limits (both upper and lower), as well as racial ability adjustments. All of Junco's rolled stats fall within the range for dwarves. His Constution has been increased by 1 and his Charisma decreased by 1 by virtue of the AD&D dwarven racial traits.
With a Strength score of 9, Junco just barely meets the ability requirements to become a Fighter. His 11 Wisdom is more than sufficient to qualify as a Cleric, but does provide him with a % chance of his spells failing.
Dwarf Abilities:  
  1. Because of their very nature, dwarves are non-magical and do not ever use magical spells. However, this nature gives them a bonus with regard to their saving throws against attacks by magic wands, staves, rods and spells. This bonus is + 1 for every 3.5 points of constitution ability. Thus Junco receives a +4 bonus on dice rolls made as saving throws.
  2. Similarly, dwarves have exceptional constitutional strength with regard to toxic substances, ingested or injected Therefore, all dwarven characters make saving throws against poison in the same manner and with the same bonuses as they do against magical attacks from wands, staves, rods, and spells.
  3. All dwarves are able to speak the following languages (q...): dwarven, gnome, goblin, kobold, and orcish; in addition, dwarven characters are able to speak the "common tongue" of all humankind. However, except for their alignment language, they are unable to learn more than two additional languages regardless of their intelligence ability.
  4. Dwarves are able to see radiation in the infra-red spectrum, so they can see up to 60' in the dark noting varying degrees of heat radiation. This ability is known as "infravision".
  5. Dwarves are miners of great skill. They are able to detect the following facts when within 10' or less of the particular phenomenon (except determination of approximate depth, which can be done at any distance): Detect grade or slope in passage,upwards or downwards (75%), Detect new construction or passage/tunnel (75%), Detect sliding or shifting walls or rooms (66%), Detect traps involving pits, falling blocks and other stonework (50%), Determine approximate depth underground (50%). Note that the dwarven character must be actively seeking to determine the phenomenon in question in order to be able to determine the answer; the information does not simply spring to mind unbidden.
  6. In melee combat, dwarves add 1 to their dice rolls to hit opponents who are half-orcs, goblins, hobgoblins, or orcs. When being attacked by ogres, trolls, ogre magi, giants, and/or titans, dwarves subtract 4 from their opponents' "to hit" dice rolls because of the dwarves' small size and combat ability against these much bigger creatures.
The OD&D version of Junco could speak 11 languages (Common, Dwarven, Gnome, Kobold, Goblin, plus 6 others by virtue of his high Intelligence). AD&D slightly reduced the number of bonus languages (5 instead of 6), then further limits that by restricting dwarves to only 2 additional languages. While this seems bad on first glance, the number of languages granted by his race has slightly increased granting him a total of 9 languages (Common, Dwarven, Gnome, Kobold, Goblin, Orc, an alignment language, and 2 of his choice).

Cleric Abilities:
  1. Cast 2 1st-level spells per day.
  2. Cast 1 2nd-level spell per day.
  3. Turn Undead: Skeletons 4+ on 1d20, Zombie 7+, Ghoul 10+, Shadow 13+, Wight 16+, Ghast 19+, and Wraith 20.
The spell lists for AD&D are significantly longer than in OD&D (20+ per spell level, rather than 6) so I am not going to bother enumerating all of them.

Fighting Man Abilities:
  1. Able to use any weapons or armor. 
Page 17 of the player's handbook states "characters who choose the cleric as one of their multi-classes aren't limited by that class' proscriptions upon weapons usable."

Attack Rolls:  As a 3rd-level Fighter, he strikes an unarmored opponent on a roll of 8+ on 1d20.

Saving Throws:
  • Paralyzation/Poison/Death Magic:  10+ on d20.
  • Petrification/Polymorph:  13+ on d20.
  • Rod/Staff/Wand: 10+ on d20.
  • Breath Weapon:  16+ on d20.
  • Spells:  11+ on d20.
The saves vs. Rods, Staves, Wands, and Spells include the +4 bonus for being a Dwarf.

AD&D introduces Weapon proficiencies (in the PHB) and Non-weapon Proficiencies (in the Dungeoneer's Survival Guide). AD&D does not address how proficiencies work for multi-class characters, so we will use the same rule applied to Hit Points (sum the number from each class and divide by the total number of classes. 

As a Fighter, Junco gains 4 weapon proficiencies at 1st-level, as a Cleric he starts with 2, for an average of 3. Both classes gain 1 more at 3rd level, for a total of 4. As a Fighter, Junco can choose to specialize in a weapon (per the rules in Unearthed Arcana). Since a staff features prominently in his description and is a symbol of his faith, he will double-specialize with the Quarterstaff, to make up for his lack of strength. Having a high dex, and no limitations, his other slot will be spent on the heavy crossbow (to take advantage of his greater accuracy).

Fighters start with 2 non-weapon proficiencies, and gain another every 3 levels, for a total of 3. Clerics start with 3, and gain another every 4 levels, for a total of 3. Giving Junco us an average of 3 non-weapon proficiency slots from his two classes. His non-weapon proficiency choices should reflect his role as a wandering explorer, scholar, and teacher.

  • Weapon Proficiencies:
    • Quarterstaff -- 3 slots (+3 attack, +3 damage, 3 attacks every 2 rounds)
    • Heavy Crossbow -- 1 slot
  • Non-weapon Proficiencies:
    • Direction Sense -- 1 slot
    • Healing -- 2 slots

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