Friday, January 16, 2015

Regarding Dragons...

Dragon liver can cure a cold
Dragon powder grows hair
With dragon blood you'll never grow old
Every item is covered with gold
Every item is covered with gold

Dragon cartilage keeps you thin
Dragon fat is for burns
A dragon tear will clear up your skin
Watch the profits come rolling in
Watch the profits come rolling in

Every little piece, every little crease
All lead me to the dragon
I'll buy him up and tie him up
Drag him from the cave
Show him that I'm brave

I'll bind him up, grind him up
Lop him up, chop him up
Can't you hear that jingle, jangle sound?
It's money, money, money by the pound!

The song above has been taught to every inquisitor, alchemist, and apprentice mage (basically everyone with at least 1 rank in Knowledge [arcana]) for centuries, and reflects the general attitude towards dragons. While dragons might be large and dangerous, they are also extremely valuable and least, they are valuable and useful dead. Such that most scholars agree that the tales of dragons sleeping on great mounds of gold refers to their hides rather than any actual coinage.

Over the thousand of years since humans and their ilk discovered the secrets of alchemy and iron-working, Dragons have been hunted to near extinction. Those dragons that still live are silent, elusive creatures, constantly on the move, hiding from men who would hunt them with their magic and steel. The most successful breeds of dragons have evolved numerous features to aid their evasiveness, from natural invisibility to claws that can burrow through stone.

On the plus side, because of their value, dragons often receive much more humane and conscientiousness treatment than other game, as the slayers know that every part of the dragon, from scales and claws to blood and vital organs, has a use. On those rare occasions when a dragon sighting does happen, hordes of would-be dragon hunters gather, each determined to slay the creature and claim the body as their prize. The best dragon hunters spend years mastering the art of slaying the dragon with a single stroke or mastering spells that can slay the creature without damaging the carcass.