Wednesday, November 26, 2014

An In-game Proclamation:

From the City Council of New Phlan to all brave and hearty adventurers:

Proclamation CCXX
Be it known that Lord Grimnir, Squire of Kryptgarten is a traitor to all good and peaceful people of Phlan. Hear now his crimes!

Firstly, Squire Grimnir has been found guilty by the Council of conspiring with the the monstrous enemies of Phlan to undermine the economic and gustatory lifesblood of Phlan’s fishing industry. Secondly, Squire Gimnir has been found guilty by the Council of offering shelter and solace to diverse murderers, rapists, thieves, and thugs who have plagued our fair city. Thirdly, Squire Grimnir has been found guilty by the Council of murder, by means brutal and torturous of his own citizens. Lastly, Squire Grimnir has been found guilty by the Council of consorting with fiends from the lowest planes, sacrificing his own people to their demonic hunger, and forcing his citizens to pay tribute and worship to these dark beings.

By the law of of the Council of New Phlan and the law of Tyr, Squire Grimnir is henceforth divested of all lands and titles. Also, by proclamation of the Council, Squire Grimnir and his companions are hereby banished from the walls of New Phlan under pain of death. A bounty of two thousand gold crowns each is hereby placed on the heads of these traitors. A commission for their elimination can be obtained from the Council Clerk.


Councilman Werner von Urslingen, sponsor

Councilman Markos Mondaviak, co-sponsor

Councilman Ulrich Eberhard

Councilman Porphyrys Cadorna

Councilwoman Elissa Bivant-Mondaviak

Bishop Braccio of Tyr

11 Hammer, Year of the Helm