Monday, September 15, 2014

d30 Adventuring Party Names

Given that my current games have: (1) multiple PC parties, (2) the implication that adventurers must be licensed by the state, and (3) the implication that there are many more NPC parties, I often find it necessary to come up with names for NPC parties on the fly. Here is a quick (or not so quick) table I threw together for doing so.

d12 roll Format Example
1 The “Group Noun” of the “Adjective” “Fantasy-Noun” The Company of the Golden Hart
2 The “Group Noun” of the “Gerund” “Fantasy Noun” The Company of the Flaming Sword
3 The “Group Noun” of “Adjective” “Fantasy Noun” The Alliance of Western Dragons
4 “Gerund” and “Gerund” Dashing and Daring
5 The “Gerund” “Occupation”(s) The Menacing Miners
6 The “Adjective” “Occupation”(s) The Merry Murderers
7 The “Occupation” of “Location in your campaign world” The Heroes of Lankhmar
8 The “Adjective” “Fantasy-Noun”(s) The Bitter Blades
9 The “Gerund” “Fantasy-Noun”(s) The Marauding Tailors
10 The “Adjective” “Gerund” “Occupation” The Incredible Cringing Cowards
11 The “Adjective” “Fantasy-Noun” “Occupation” “Group Noun” The Mighty Monkey Mercenary Alliance
12 Roll again and prepend the number of party members The Four Friendly Fiends

d30 roll Adjective Gerund Fantasy Noun Occupation Group Noun
1 Bloody Menacing Blade Protector Company
2 Merry Dashing Hart Soldier Alliance
3 Courageous Caring Monkey Hero Group
4 Hidden Daring Dragon Miner Band
5 Golden Flaming Sword Mercenary Party
6 Silver Terrifying Boulder Murderer Association
7 Secret Flying Kobold Raider Guild
8 Bitter Striking Unicorn Adventurer Companions
9 Angry Rushing Coatl Guardian Brotherhood
10 Heroic Towering Eagle Ally Front
11 Friendly Cringing Wyvern Monster Hunter Cell
12 Mighty Cowering Staff Treasure Hunter Society
13 Bothersome Standing Tower Seeker Academy
14 Pure Rising Citadel Exile Rally
15 Enlightened Defending Titan Explorer Squadron
16 Unbreakable Hunting Fiend Fortune Hunter Swarm
17 Dark Marauding Gorgon Opportunist Club
18 Arcane Shining Hammer Wanderer Legion
19 Divine Raging Serpent Warrior Army
20 Elite Living Giant Peers Federation
21 Honorable Sweeping Shield Worthy Council
22 Bold Charging Scorpion Champion Fraternity
23 Brilliant Searing Mystery Victor League
24 Incredible Destroying Wind Tailor Circle
25 Northern Roaring Wave Smith Cooperative
26 Southern Conquering Star Magi Gang
27 Eastern Advancing Mountain Rogue Troupe
28 Western Crushing River Larcener Union
29 Black Freezing Hand Spoiler Syndicate
30 Invincible Flower-picking Fist Slayer Partnership